desco salumi e vini

Terje Nordgarden live | Desco Salumi e Vini | Alcamo

Desco Salumi e vini, from 21h, 27 July, Piazza Vespri 1 , Alcamo

Terje Nordgarden is a Norwegian singer-songwriter, popular in most of Europe thanks to her intense live activity.
Nordgarden started his activity as a musician in Norway at a very early age, but soon he moved to Italy, to Bologna, where he began to perform as a busker and in clubs. It is noted by Paolo Benevegnù, who in 2003 produced his first album inspired by singer-songwriters such as Nick Drake or Jeff Buckley.
Since its debut several years have passed and 4 studio albums, of which the last of 2017 “Changes”!
This latest album is a completely new chapter, recorded “live” in the studio, with the help of a group of formidable musicians – some of the best of the current Norwegian scene – Nordgarden has managed to create a really hot and well structured, with a solid and vibrant sound.
The record consists of ten songs ranging from folk, country, soul and blues. Two of the songs were written together with Claudia Scott, legendary Anglo-Norwegian country singer. Two more were written with the Swedish Johanna Demker. In fact, the collaborations are another key element of this album. For Nordgarden it was a revelation to see how much they can bring in terms of creativity, variations and determination in making a song. The texts speak of lost love, the importance of great friendships, the desire to find peace in nature, moving away from the hectic daily life of the city.

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