Mazara Food Fest 2018 | until 19th August

Mazara del Vallo is an extraordinary city, to be discovered. City of ancient traditions.
To admire wandering through the typical alleys, including the area of the Qasba.
We also recommend a visit to the Museum of Dancing Satyr where you can admire the splendid statue.
Mazara is also and above all known for the rich and unique culinary tradition that uses products of the territory of the highest quality as the red shrimp. Also very interesting are the local wines and of course the famous mazarese couscous.
Mazara food fest is an event aimed at enhancing the food and wine traditions of the area.

Rich event calendar: tastings, music, spaces for children and much more
The event takes place in the beautiful seafront of Mazara del Vallo,
from 03 to 19 August 2018.

Programma 2018

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