Cannolo Festival | Piana, Fulgatore, Santa Cristina, S.G.Jato

At the Sanlorenzo Market in Palermo

Protagonists of this 2018 edition of the Cannolo Festival are the pastry chefs of:
– Piana degli Albanesi, the village of the hinterland of Palermo known now as “the country of cannoli”, guardian of a centuries-old tradition and recipes that still today hide jealously guarded production secrets;
– Santa Cristina Gela, who shares with the cousins ​​of Piana the raw material of the same territory but with different recipes.
– San Giuseppe Jato, with an original and immediately recognizable work and light peel.
– Fulgatore, who has the delicate task of representing the province of Trapani, famous for a unique and unmistakable style already in the shape of the rind (more elongated and pointed), but especially in the processing of ricotta (cruder and less sifted), true connoisseurs.

The masters involved are Nicola Petta (Extrabar F.LL PETTA – Piana degli Albanesi, Palermo); the defending champions Fratelli Biscari, winners of the last edition (Bar Pasticceria del Corso – Santa Cristina Gela, Palermo); Salvatore Cerniglia (La Pasticceria Cerniglia – San Giuseppe Jato, Palermo); Rocco Vultaggio (Bar Vultaggio Fulgatore, Trapani).

– Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 to 22.30: banquets and tastings
– Saturday and Sunday at 11.30 and at 16: in the lab area the four teachers in turn show their preparation
– Sunday at 12: Let’s do the cannolo! (play workshop dedicated to children, who will have the opportunity to learn the preparation of the cannoli, from the processing of ricotta to the filling of the peel. By PalermoBimbi)
– Sunday at 5 pm: technical tasting, presentation of the masters in the competition, choice of the technical jury
Sunday at 18: “A sexy story”, Gaetano Basile traces the birth of the cannolo between historical testimonies and spicy curiosities.
– Sunday at 7 pm: final prize-giving (with the sum of the technical and popular votes)

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